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Dubai(ドバイ)MLM 近況報告







Get your DubaiMLM Credit Card

All DubaiMLM Members to get your DubaiMLM Credit Card must
first register with NuSkyWay by going to..
(あなたのDubaiMLM Credit Cardを得るすべてのDubaiMLM Membersは、そうしな


PLAN "A" is DubaiMLM Dollar Marketing Plan
PLAN "B" is DubaiMLM U.S. Dollar Marketing Plan

DubaiMLM is ON THE MOVE... 100 to 10,000 DubaiMLM $ Bonuses...

100 DubaiMLM Dollar Bonus when you enroll 5 NEW AFFILIATES; 1,000
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DubaiMLM Dollar Bonus when you enroll 500 NEW DubaiMLM AFFILIATE
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あなたが5つのNEW AFFILIATESを登録する100のDubaiMLM Dollar Bonus;あな
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DubaiMLM is ON THE MOVE... 100 to 10,000 DubaiMLM $ Bonuses...

100 DubaiMLM Dollar Bonus when you enroll 5 NEW AFFILIATES; 1,000 DubaiMLM Dollar Bonus when you enroll 50 NEW AFFILIATES with a MAXIMUM 10,000 DubaiMLM Dollar Bonus when you enroll 500 NEW DubaiMLM AFFILIATES...
あなたが 5つの新しいアフィリエイトを登録する場合、 100 DubaiMLMドルのボーナス、あなたが50の新しいアフィリエイトを登録する場合、1,000 DubaiMLMドルのボーナス、 500の新しいアフィリエイト登録で最大 10,000 DubaiMLMドルのボーナスを備え...


DubaiMLM Credit Card with NO CREDIT CHECK Order Form

Direct Selling Festival & Official Launch of DubaiMLM in Dubai

DubaiMLM plans to be recognized with Billion Dollar

Direct Sales and Network Marketing Companies...

DubaiMLM will celebrate The Official Launch at:


Come to Dubai and see Dr King, Ellie Drake,
Tim Sales, Benjamin B C Tan of Singapore...
ティムセールス、シンガポールのベンジャミンB C...
also others such as:
Bob Urichuck, is a Canadian and the author of two best-selling books.
John Martin St. Valery is the C.E.O of Links Group.
Nic Pearson is the Managing Director of PEARSON CONSULTING.
ニックピアソンはPEARSON CONSULTINGの常務取締役です。

As Partial Payment to this exciting and dynamic event...


Contact Page To Be ADDED Next Week To DubaiMLM Main Page...
Listing our New York & Dubai Offices... We are getting very close...
私たちのニューヨーク&ドバイ・オフィスのリストを提示します... 私たちは、非常に接近しています...

Here is what to expect...

March 31st, 2008 -
2008年3月31日 -

DubaiMLM Credit Card Order Form

With 100% Approval for each DubaiMLM Affiliate regardless
Of current credit rating... Not even a credit check is done...

April 14th, 2008 -
2008年4月14日 -

Back Office to open up Affiliate to Affiliate Marketing...
アフィリエイトマーケティングにアフィリエイトを合併するBack Officeの設置...
This will allow over 500,000 soon to be in excess of ONE MILLION DubaiMLM Affiliates
これは、500,000以上がONE MILLION DubaiMLMアフィリエイトより多くなることをまもなく可能にするでしょう。
To trade and purchase with one another in US Dollars and DubaiMLM Dollars...
Much like the current E-Bay System however you must be a DubaiMLM Affiliate in order to participate...

April 18th, 2008-

Over 250,000 Hotels & Resorts to be listed whereas
you will be able to use DubaiMLM Dollars and Reward Dollars...
Not only will you be able to use some of your DubaiMLM Dollars you will also
be guaranteed the LOWEST RATE AVAILABLE...
私たちの110%の賃金 保証の違いで...

MAY 17th & 18th, 2008 -


Our official Launch Date in Conjunction
with the 1st ever International Direct Selling Festival which will be organized by
Direct Selling Educational Institute (DSEI) and Link Viva in Dubai.
The Direct Selling Educational Institute is a Dubai-based organization working
to create awareness about the direct selling industry in the region and to help
more and more people to build a successful career as a Direct Selling professional,
aiming to increase professionalism.
DSEI is supported and guided by one of the leading industry experts,
Professor Charles W King, from the University of Illinois at Chicago.
イリノイ大学シカゴ校の教授 チャールズ W キング 氏。
DSEI along with Prof. King is working with Dubai Government towards
legitimizing the industry in the UAE. It aims to nurture the nascent
direct selling market in Dubai and the Middle East.
DSEI shares a parallel vision with Direct Selling Festival which is
to weave in professionalism to the direct selling industry in the Middle East,
and to establish Dubai as the business capital & leader for developing the direct selling industry.

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Personal Dubai Dollars: $50.00

Sponsored Dubai Dollars: $530.00

Team Building Dubai Dollars: $4,268.00

Total Dubai Dollars:( 総ドバイドル)$4,848.00












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DubaiMLM の登録は




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例 「D/山本(HN可)」




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ブログアフィリエイトで日給8万円 たった3ヶ月で月400万円稼ぐ仕組みを作ってしまった!




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